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The work of designer and educator Josh Owen is at once simple, practical and quietly innovative. Although the typologies that Owen creates are commonly described as refined, iconic or minimalist, he defines function in humanistic terms. He combines clarity of purpose and functional efficacy with emotive and tactile qualities he develops from cultural research, observation and iterative experiment, qualities chosen to align strategically with industry. The results are clear, beautiful systems and objects which exist as lucid communicators and modern heirlooms fully supporting the mission of the interests they represent.

Josh Owen is a designer and an educator in equal measure. These two chosen career paths intersect in many meaningful and synergistic ways. To his students, Owen is concurrently a bona fide professional and experienced teacher. Acknowledged and active in the international scene, his works and the works of his students are recognized regularly in the global design dialogue. Owen brings the rigors and knowledge of the professional sphere into the classroom on a daily basis. For his professional clients and partners, Owen brings the skills of a thoughtful communicator with the motivation of ushering sincere humanistic advancement into a profession which is too often driven by bottom-line thinking.

Please note that this site is the professional website of Josh Owen LLC. As such, it is primarily dedicated to Josh Owen’s professional works. However, in light of Owen’s activities, some mention of his academic accomplishments and the works of his students at RIT will be noted here from time to time.