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Josh celebrates Wendell Castle’s legacy in Autodesk Redshift video
[July 12, 2018] Autodesk Redshift, Documentary

Josh discusses design education, inspiration, and book
[March 11, 2018] Design Daily, Invited Interview

Josh discusses process and Torq Nutcracker for OTHR
[February 20, 2018] DESIGNSORI, Invited Interview

Josh Owen advocates for socially relevant and impactful design
[April 28, 2017] Freunde von Freunden, Invited Interview

Please Meet Josh Owen, New York
[October 10, 2016] OTHR, Invited Interview

A Step Inside the Home and Mind of RIT’s Chair of Industrial Design
[March 1, 2016] Post, Invited Interview

An Interview with Renowned Product Designer Josh Owen
[February 4, 2016] Design Trends, Invited Interview

Contradiction And Connectivity
[October 12, 2015] Domaine de Boisbuchet, Visual Documentary

This Design Professor Makes Products With No Labels On Them
[April 22, 2015] Bloomberg, Invited Interview

Josh Owen on Achieving Deep Focus, Having Zero Productivity Tricks, and Why the Best Part of His Job Is Empowering Others to Succeed
[September 09, 2014] Core77, Invited Interview

Wanted Design 2014
[June 03, 2014] Design Milk, Invited Interview

Josh Owen’s Modern Menorah Design Is A Hanukah Miracle
[November 21, 2013] Architizer, Invited Interview

College Guide 2013: Tips from Famous Alumni
[November 20, 2013] GoLocalProv, Invited Interview

Far Future Of The Living Room
[April 29, 2013] Forbes, Invited Interview

How to Defend Your Designs Against Knockoffs with Josh Owen
[February 7, 2013] Entrepreneur, Invited Interview

Friday Five with Josh Owen
[December 10, 2012] Design Milk, Invited Interview

GlassLab Design Session: Josh Owen
[June 14, 2012] Corning Museum of Glass, Invited Interview

Josh Owen studio visit
[December 2, 2011] designboom, Invited interview

Kontextur Questions Josh Owen
[September 29, 2011] Kontextur blog, Invited Interview

Gastrommellerie: Food and Drink Design
[January 1, 2011] Linea Editorial Book, Invited Interview,

[May 17, 2009] Elogico, Invited Interview

Designer and Educator Josh Owen
[January 1, 2009] Designfeast, Invited Interview

The Statement: Personalities
[April 4, 2008] Wilsonart’s The Statement, Invited Interview

The Mix: Beyond Design 101
[May 1, 2007] Philadelphia Magazine, Invited Interview

P.S. Consumed: Coffee Mate
[May 1, 2005] Philadelphia Magazine, Invited Interview

Better by Design: Owen Combines Form & Function
[April 1, 2004] Cornell Alumni Magazine, Invited Interview